Kyotofu Desserts, Hell’s Kitchen

3-course dessert sampler at Kyotofu in Hell’s Kitchen. Right by the apartments we looked at in that area. I’ve been meaning to check out Kyotofu out as Kunal has mentioned it a number of times. Yay for Gilt City deals! $30 for a 3-course dessert sampler, sparkling sake, and take home cupcakes for two. KyotofuFirst course: vanilla sweet tofu panna cotta. Sparkling rose sake with lovely floral flavors. Both were very refreshing. Especially nice after our long walk from the Veggie Food Festival. We walked 30 blocks!  Kyotofu - Vanilla Tofu Panna Cotta, Sparkling Rose SakeSecond course: the dessert platter. Chocolate cake with sesame and miso something (I think… wasn’t really paying full attention when they described it to us). Green tea creme brulee. Almond rice pudding with poached apples. The cake was okay.  It’s a chocolate cake. Tasted good, but wasn’t anything special. Kyotofu - Dessert PlatterThe green tea creme brulee was delish. That’s a haw berry on top. I’m a fan of Japanese green tea, and when you turn that into creme brulee, perfection. The intense green tea flavor weirded John out a little, but that’s okay… more for me! Kyotofu - Green Tea Creme BruleeThe almond rice pudding was tasty too. Normally not a huge fan of rice pudding, but I really enjoyed the light almond flavor here. It wasn’t too sweet, which made it more enjoyable. The poached apples were a nice touch. Kyotofu - Almond Rice Pudding with Poached ApplesThird course: chocolate chip cookie with green tea infused white chocolate on the side. Nothing special about the cookie. The green tea chocolate looked small and delicate, but was really rich and packed with flavor. I got to eat extra green tea chocolate because John didn’t like it much. Nom. Kyotofu - Chocolate Chip Cookie, Green Tea Infused White ChocolateEverything was well presented. Service was great. It all looks very small, but it filled me up nicely. That nice, pleasant kind of full. Plus, the desserts were not too sweet. I’d like to come back for the brunch someday.

I enjoyed the take home chocolate souffle cupcakes much more than the chocolate cake in the dessert platter. Placed it in the microwave for a few seconds to warm up. Melts in your mouth!


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