Mexicue, Lower East Side

Another great coupon from Gilt City: $27 for 4 beers, 4 burrito bullets and a large side. We rode the subway to West 4th Street, then walked to the Lower East Side Mexicue. Mexicue - ExteriorMexicue - InteriorSmall place in a little basement. The Midtown locations and the food trucks are apparently much busier, but the Lower East Side location serves as their test kitchen. Mexicue - MenuThe tacos and sliders are all available as burrito bullets a.k.a. mini burritos. We ordered 4 different burrito bullets: Smokey BBQ Beans, Smoked Short Rib, Burnt Ends Chili, Berkshire Pulled Pork. (Yep, I put vegetarianism on hold because I was craving pulled pork!) I hate when burritos are overloaded with rice and beans, so they can skimp on the good stuff. These were nothing like that at all. Fresh, tasty ingredients. These were fantastic. Packed with flavor, so you want to nibble on them slowly. I was worried John would complain about the size. Nope, he was very happy. He even declared that these were *gourmet* burritos! Mexicue - Burrito BulletsThe Green Chili Mac & Cheese is a winner. We add hot sauce to mac & cheese all the time, but it’s not the same as this green chili sauce. So comforting and heavenly! Has a great kick to it. Rinse it all down with a nice cold beer. Mmm. Mexicue - Green Chili Mac & CheeseAnother thing we liked a lot: the hot sauce. Kinda embarrassing how much of the bottle we used. Oops. What can I say, we really like hot sauce! Not too spicy, with an intense smokey flavor. I am in love with Mexicue’s smokiness! Mexicue Hot Sauce


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