Vegan & Vegetarian Restaurants in Ubud, Bali

Soulshine Bali, yoga retreat and resort in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

On my last international trip before the pandemic hit, I visited family in Singapore before vacationing in Bali. I found plenty of delicious vegan and vegetarian restaurants in both cities, but I never got around to compiling a list of the restaurants I visited in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia. Since that vacation was especially memorable and Ubud, which is widely known as a wellness destination and arts and culture center, offers plenty for vegans and vegetarians, I decided to *finally* gather my photos and notes together in one place.

This list of vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants from my week long vacation is nowhere close to a comprehensive guide to vegan dining in Ubud, but I hope it might be helpful if you are planning a visit. Keep in mind that restaurants may have closed or relocated, menus may have changed, and covid safety protocols are ever-changing; I recommend looking up each restaurant individually before you visit.

If you found my list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Ubud helpful, please tag @waz.wu on Instagram. I’d love to hear from you!

Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

Soulshine Bali

Many of my meals were at Soulshine Bali yoga resort as those were included in my yoga retreat package. I only dined at local restaurants when I was out and about exploring. At Soulshine, I enjoyed a variety of vegan fare, from fresh green juices and pitaya smoothie bowls, to Indonesian dishes like gado gado and nasi goreng and healthy raw vegan dishes like zucchini noodles in pesto.

When I wandered off to local restaurants, most of them were located in the heart of Ubud, not far from many of the town’s main attractions. (I’ll put together a separate blog post about things to do and see in Ubud.)

Karsa Cafe

If you plan to visit Campuhan Ridge (FYI: it’s more of a mild hike than a leisurely walk), don’t miss Karsa Cafe on the lane that runs through the quiet village of Bangkiang Sidem. I remember reading somewhere that Karsa Cafe offers simple food with million dollar views. They’re right: I loved sipping coconut water while taking in spectacular views of the lush green rice terraces. I didn’t order food, but what I saw coming out of the kitchen looked good. In addition to the cafe, there is also a spa and villas for overnight stays — a nice alternative to the hustle and bustle of Ubud center.

Lazy Cat Cafe

As a cat lady, I obviously had to pay a visit to Lazy Cat Cafe. Upon entering the cafe, you’re greeted by a portrait of a majestic lion in a fedora. After making your way up the stairs, you’ll find an airy dining room with cutesy decor, pink armchairs, and regal animal portraits. Living up to the lazy cat name, there’s a sign that says: “Being lazy does not mean doing nothing. It means dedicating time to yourself, without the need to be productive.” The vegetarian, vegan-friendly menu doesn’t offer traditional Indonesian food; instead you’ll find things like veggie burgers, tapas, and scrambles. I wasn’t blown away by what I tried, but I might revisit for a beverage and the ambiance.

Sakti Dining Room

After reading about the vegan tasting menus, which skew heavily raw vegan, at Sakti Dining Room located at Fivelements Bali, I booked a reservation for myself. The dining room looks quite impressive with a soaring roof made of thatch and held up by columns of bamboo. I didn’t get to enjoy views of the surrounding tropical ponds and gardens as it was already dark out when I visited. The 7-course dinner included a tasty cashew cheese amuse bouche paired with watermelon lemonade, carrot hummus on raw flatbread, and daikon and carrot noodles with chili sauce.

While I enjoyed the food, the pacing of the tasting menu was off and I expected to be wowed given the price tag. It was also difficult to enjoy the dining experience as the neighboring property had noisy construction on and off for the duration of my meal.

Warung Garasi

Tucked away on a quiet side street of Ubud’s bustling Monkey Forest road, you’ll find Warung Garasi, a no frills, but delicious eatery with a garade theme. It’s fitting as “warung” means family-owned cafe/shop and “garasi” is garage. Unlike most Ubud cafes, they don’t have wifi; instead they have signs that say “We do not have wifi. Talk to each other. Pretend it’s 1995.” Asking for a vegan version of the nasi campur was no problem at all. I enjoyed a plate of rice, tofu, tempeh, veggies, and spicy sambal with an iced tea for 28,000 rupiah (~$2 USD). I felt like I had discovered a little Ubud gem. This was one of my favorite meals from my Bali trip.

Gelato Secrets

Gelato Secrets is a gelato and sorbetto chain that’s known for using Indonesian ingredients in their frozen creations. The shop I visited is adjacent to Watercress Cafe, which seems to be a popular spot. I adored the coconut pandan sorbetto. A perfect combination of flavors, plus the coconut adds a richness to the sorbetto, without overpowering the pandan.


One of the 50 best restaurants in Asia, Locavore offers modern European-Indonesian cuisine centered around local sourced ingredients. They offer omnivore and herbivore tasting menus, and when I spoke to the staff, they mentioned the herbivore menu can be fully vegan. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to score a last minute reservation during my time in Ubud. From what I’ve heard, they book out weeks or even months in advance. Locavore will definitely be on my list next time I’m in Ubud.

Earth Cafe and Market

Earth Cafe and Market is a one stop shop for vegan dining and shopping with an emphasis on organic ingredients and macrobiotic philosophy. It’s not all salads and veggie bowls though. When I dropped in, I had vegetable samosas and extra gingery house-brewed ginger beer for an afternoon snack. Though the market isn’t huge, it’s stocked with eco-friendly household products and cooking ingredients that might come in handy for those staying at Airbnbs instead of hotels. Additionally, Earth cafe and market offers vegan cooking classes, workshops, and speakers.

Kafe Ubud

After shopping in Ubud center, I ducked into this homey cafe for a refreshing tamarind, passion fruit, and lime drink. The menu is huge — it’s almost overwhelming to browse and decide what you want to order — and includes typical health food cafe fare like veggie bowls and salads on top of a selection of Indonesian dishes. The menu is not exclusively vegetarian or vegan, but there are clearly labeled vegan options. Indoor seating was pretty crowded when I visited, so I opted for a quieter table on the balcony.

Zest Ubud

Overlooking the lush jungle-like greenery of the Campuhan Ridge, Zest Ubud is a stylish space with bohemian hipster vibes and a Kamboja tree at the heart of the restaurant. While I was at Zest, I heard many different languages spoken, and I also got the impression that this is an super trendy, influencer hot spot. The menu is extensive and entirely vegan, and while I was enticed by the sushi rolls, I opted for their version of a plant-based nasi campur. It definitely was not authentic, but it was delicious. (I looked up Zest’s menu as I was writing this. Sadly, it doesn’t look like they offer Indonesia style dishes anymore. Instead, the menu focuses more on westernized dishes.)

Mozaic Bali

For my last evening in Ubud, I visited Mozaic Bali for the most memorable meal of my vacation, which also scored a spot on my best of 2019 list. Mozaic Bali is not vegan or vegetarian, but they sure do know how to knock out an incredible vegan tasting menu that combines Indonesian ingredients with modern French gastronomy. I initially requested the 6-course tasting menu, then requested to switch over to 8 courses as I was blown away by the first couple dishes. The caramelized bedugul cauliflower with cepe mushrooms in a creamy curry leaf infusion topped with walnuts and fried curry leaves was sensational. I also loved the coconut and pineapple dessert, which came as a surprise to me as I like, but don’t *love* either of those ingredients.

If you found my list of vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Ubud helpful, please tag @waz.wu on Instagram. I’d love to hear from you!

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Soulshine Bali green juice and gado gado

Green juice and gado gado at Soulshine Bali


Karsa Cafe, Ubud, Bali

The view from Karsa Cafe at Campuhan Ridge in Ubud, Bali


Coconut water at Karsa Cafe, Ubud, Bali

Coconut water at Karsa Cafe


Lazy Cat Cafe in Ubud, Bali

The restroom at Lazy Cat Cafe in Ubud, Bali


Lazy Cat Cafe in Ubud, Bali

Vegan bowl and kombucha at Lazy Cat Cafe


Warung Garasi in Ubud, Bali

Warung Garasi in Ubud, Bali


Vegan nasi campur at Warung Garasi in Ubud, Bali

Vegan nasi campur at Warung Garasi


Coconut pandan sorbet at Gelato Secrets in Ubud, Bali

Coconut pandan sorbet at Gelato Secrets


Restaurant Locovore in Ubud, Bali

Restaurant Locovore in Ubud, Bali


Samosas and ginger beer at Earth Cafe & Grocery in Ubud, Bali

Samosas and ginger beer at Earth Cafe & Market


Kafe Ubud in Ubud, Bali

Tamarind, passion fruit, lime drink at Kafe Ubud


Vegan Nasi Campur at Zest Ubud in Ubud, Bali

Vegan nasi campur at Zest Ubud


Zest Ubud vegan restaurant in Ubud, Bali

Butterfly pea flower drink and vegan nasi campur at Zest Ubud


Mozaic fine dining in Ubud, Bali

Mozaic fine dining in Ubud, Bali


Mozaic fine dining in Ubud, Bali

Caramelized bedugul cauliflower with mushrooms and walnuts at Mozaic

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