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Waz Wu, Vegan Blogger in Portland

Hello, I’m Waz!

Hi, I’m Waz — a content creator, food blogger, and cat lady in Portland, Oregon. I feature all things vegan, including restaurants, yummy recipes, plant-based living, and local events. I also launched Veganizer PDX and contribute to Eater PDX.

I discovered my love for food while working in advertising for the wine industry. As an architect turned graphic designer, storytelling has always been a passion of mine, and I believe the greatest stories are told through food or over a delicious meal. Previously known as Let’s Nom Nom, this blog began as a way to journal the dining scene when I moved to New York City in 2011. At home, I enjoy creating approachable recipes and veganizing classic dishes. Mac & cheese is my signature dish, but ramen and pizza will always have a special place in my heart.

Prior to Portland, I’ve lived in New York City, Berkeley, Pittsburgh, Copenhagen, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. I enjoy scoping vegan-friendly restaurants and sharing snapshots of my adventures when I travel.

This is not a strictly vegan blog as you’ll find old posts back when I still ate meat if you dig back far enough. This blog has followed me on my journey from omnivore to vegetarian to vegan. The more I learned about where our food comes from, the more I realized that I no longer wanted to consume animal products. A vegan lifestyle is healthier and kinder to my body, to the animals, and to the environment. I believe the best way to promote veganism is by raising awareness of the positives of the lifestyle and by celebrating great food that just happens to be vegan. Although I am passionate about veganism, we won’t make any progress by isolating ourselves from those who see things differently or by judging others for not being vegan enough. A little bit of patience and compassion goes a long way.

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