Pain Quotidien, ChocoBolo, Crocodile Lounge

Cathy came to visit a couple weekends ago! We had a mini archi reunion, stopped by the Mario Land promo in Times Square, and saw the Carsten Holler exhibit at the New Museum. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to go on the slide. Here’s a recap of our eats!

Pain Quotidien – Lunch
Chamomile mint iced tea. A little too light on the chamomile flavor. Kinda wish I order hot chocolate instead. All the hot beverages came in bowls, not mugs! The hot chocolate bowls were huge!
Chamomile Mint Iced TeaI was very tempted by the vegetarian quiche, but decided to order a tartine (open-faced sandwich) instead. Avocado tartine with chickpeas, alfalfa sprouts and spicy tahini. Didn’t taste any spiciness, but this was so good. They’re really generous with the avocado. Haven’t had much avocado since moving to NYC, so this was a treat. Avocado TartineKen ordered the apple pear turnover, which sounds and looks pretty good, but it was so tiny. He ended up getting an extra bowl of fresh berries on the side. Apple Pear TurnoverChocoBolo – Snack
This place is amaaaaaazing! Chocolate cakes, hot chocolate, chocolate shots and a great selection of gelato. I’m really looking forward to visiting their new Upper West Side store.

I really wanted to try the chili chocolate shot, but they were out. Ordered the caramel hot chocolate instead. It was perfect. Not too sweet, which is rare for caramel flavored items. Cathy ordered the extra rich chocolate cake, which 5 of us ended up sharing… Chocolate Cake…then the waiter told us he had originally brought out the wrong cake. Cake on the house! Rich Chocolate CakeKinda glad I went with the hot chocolate instead. Ken ordered a regular chocolate shot, and it was pretty intense. It’s basically liquid chocolate. Drunk on chocolate. Crocodile Lounge – Dinner
After stuffing ourselves silly with chocolate, we made our way over to Crocodile Lounge. It’s a cozy, divey place not too far from NYU. Order a drink, and you get a ticket for a personal thin crust pizza fresh from the oven. Even if you just order a soda, you still get a ticket for pizza. Wow, I was in pizza and beer heaven. No pictures because I was busy chowing down on the pizza. At the end of the night, we had so many tickets leftover!

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