LaGuardia Airport, New York City

La Guardia AirportWe recently returned from a long weekend in Pittsburgh. I spent 5 years at Carnegie Mellon and haven’t gone back to visit The Steel City since graduation. It’s also where John and I met, and we’ve been thinking about moving back someday. As always, I took lots of pictures, and you can expect posts about our adventures in the ‘burgh soon!

The photo above is from the US Airways and Delta terminal at La Guardia Airport. They’ve really spruced up this one terminal with good spots for grabbing a snack before your flight. You place your order on an iPad and can check your flight status or play on the iPad while you wait to board. As much as I enjoyed the beer and fries, I immediately regretted it when our plane hit some bad turbulence as we flew out of NYC. Eek!

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