Vegetarian’s Paradise 2, Greenwich Village

Greenwich Village, New York CityDear NYC weather, thanks so much for finally making up your mind! For several weeks, we’ve been caught somewhere between winter and spring, and now, it looks like summer is finally on its way! We recently visited Greenwich Village for some vegetarian comfort food at Vegetarian’s Paradise 2. Keeping it real!

Crispy Soul Chicken - Vegetarian's Paradise 2We ordered the Crispy Soul Chicken ($6.96) as an appetizer to share. Soy “chicken” breaded with panko breadcrumbs and herbs. Served with a hictory smoked mustard sauce. This stuff is always the highlight of our VP2 trips.

Ocean Harvest - Vegetarian's Paradise 2This colorful dish is the Ocean Harvest ($10.95), one of their vegetarian seafood dishes. I’m pretty sure Chloe and Tony have a flavor of wet cat food called Ocean Harvest, haha. My dish had plenty of vegetarian shrimp, scallops, and crab meat served with veggies in an arrowroot basket. Overall, pretty tasty, especially the veggie seafood. However, there was too much sauce, and everything at the bottom eventually got a bit soggy.

Cubano Sandwich - Vegetarian's Paradise 2John ordered the Cubano Sandwich¬†($9.95), which had smoked soy ham, pickles, vegan-mayo, dijon mustard and vegan cheese. It came with a side of very crispy fries. We were only able to eat half of all this food and took the rest home for dinner. That’s our classic VP2 comfort food routine!

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    Balanced Bella

    Your dishes look delicious. I’ll be trying them once I go food shopping! p.s. I live in New York too and I’m still expecting it to snow or something considering the winter we’ve had ;)

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      Thanks! I love trying new recipes and exploring restaurants. NY is such a great place to be. :)

      Oh my goodness, I know what you mean! I’m expecting an extra hot and humid summer just to balance out the winter we’ve had. Hopefully it won’t be as bad as I’m imagining!

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