The Quest for Macarons / Jean Philippe Patisserie at ARIA, Vegas

After brunch, we wandered over to the mall near the Wynn. Those of us who weren’t interested in Black Friday sales embarked on a quest for macarons!

We searched through the Venetian for Bouchon Bistro, but after almost an hour of searching (due to poor signage) and asking around, we only found a small store, not the actual bistro. The selection wasn’t all that impressive, so we hopped into a cab to ARIA. Jean Philippe Pastisserie to the rescue!
Jean Philippe Patisserie, ARIAI don’t know if it’s just me, but the name Jean Philippe immediately makes me think of the maître d’ on Hell’s Kitchen! This is a different Jean Philippe (Executive Pastry Chef Maury), and boy, does he know how to make desserts. I was overwhelmed by all the sweet treats and didn’t get many photos. So glad Lisa got that pretty picture above.

Most of the cakes and desserts were in the $7 to $9 range. I treated myself to the Sweet Trio ($11), thinking that a larger dessert could be shared with John. Turns out he only wanted a small bite or two. No problem at all, more dessert for me!
Jean Philippe Patisserie - Sweet Trio

The Sweet Trio comes with vanilla crème brûlée, a raspberry macaron, and a caramel peanut cakepop. And yes, that tray is a big piece of chocolate! This was perfect with a glass of sparkling wine. I couldn’t decide which of the 3 treats was my favorite!

Felicia is a maracon purist. She ordered classic macarons to enjoy with green tea.Jean Philippe Patisserie - Macarons



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    Delicious Peace of Mind

    Sweet, sweet delight! Now I am even more craving some kind of a dessert… Nicely done! :-P

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      Haha, I’m always craving desserts during the holiday season! ;)

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