The Met & Caravan of Dreams, East Village

Hannah was in town for the long weekend. We spent the afternoon at the Met with Hannah, Sarah, and Ken before heading to East Village for dinner with Angela. It started pouring in the early evening, and none of us had umbrellas. Trapped in the museum until the rain stopped! The Met NYCThe Met NYCThe Met NYCCaravan of Dreams (or as Ken kept calling it, Dreams of Caravan) offers organic vegan, kosher cuisine. Recommended by Angela’s boyfriend, Axel, who is far from vegan, but apparently raves about this place. Cozy, intimate restaurant, and surprisingly, it wasn’t completely packed. Caravan of DreamsUnfortunately, I can’t remember what the amuse bouche was. Watermelon something. Amuse BoucheJohn got the Applewood Smoked Tofu Sandwich with the Vegetable Lentil Soup.Vegetable Lentil SoupApplewood Smoked Tofu SandwichI also ordered the same sandwich, but got the Creamy Tomato soup instead. This was one of the LIVE/raw food options. I’ve never tried a raw food soup before. Delicious and refreshing, but I had to sip some of John’s hot soup because mine was making me feel cold. The creaminess was probably from nuts of some sort. Raw Food Creamy Tomato SoupThe Applewood Smoked Tofu Sandwich had artichoke hearts, caramelized onion mustard, romaine, whole wheat toast and pickle. Yum. I loved the flavor of the tofu, and the artichoke hearts were really tasty in the sandwich. This sandwich made me very happy. Applewood Smoked Tofu SandwichThe sandwiches seem like the best options at this place. $13 or $14 for tasty, filling sandwiches with fresh ingredients. The entrees were generally in the $18/19/20 range, but depending on what you ordered, you might still be hungry after the meal. Everything sounded and looked delicious though.

Here are some other dishes that our table ordered. Both Angela and Sarah ordered dinner specials. Sarah’s was a curry dish. Smelled amazing. Vegan Thai Curry Angela was intrigued by the raw pear ravioli, which, unfortunately, wasn’t much like ravioli at all. The four “raviolis” were basically just stacked ingredients! Looked good, but Angela was still hungry after dinner. She was tempted to stop by McDonald’s to grab a burger. :P Raw Pear Ravioli


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