Mediterraneo Grill, Chicago

After Leslie’s graduation ceremony, we went to Mediterraneo Grill to celebrate. Friendly, casual vibe. Perfect for a celebratory dinner. BYOB, not sure if there’s a corkage fee. We brought some wine as a graduation gift for Leslie. The bottle of Chianti got broken in our suitcase, despite how carefully we wrapped it. Sob. At least the Cab Sauv and Malbec made it to the dinner!

Mediterraneo Grill - Gyro Plate

John was very happy with his plate of meat. Gyro Plate ($10.95): generous portion of gyro meat topped with onion, tomato, olives, feta, yogurt. Served with fries. Gyro meat isn’t my thing… reminds me a little of Spam.

Mediterraneo Grill - Mediterraneo Fajita

I was tempted by the Spinach Pie, but settled on the Mediterraneo Fajita ($10.95). Chicken breast marinated in a tomato house and cooked with onions and green peppers. A little odd that this was their “fajita” dish. This tangy tomato marinade was delish. Tender chunks of chicken. Wish there were more onions and green peppers, less rice. Overall, very good with the jammy Malbec.


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