Sunset Cantina, Boston

I’m so far behind on posts! We’ve been doing a lot of eating since the Boston trip. Here’s the last entry in the Boston series! It’s an extra tasty one, too.

Sunset Cantina
On the morning of BU’s commencement, we saw a huge crowd outside Sunset Cantina. Made a mental note to avoid this place and wandered along Commonwealth Avenue. When we walked by Sunset Cantina a second time, the crowd was gone. What?! Turns out that this place opens at 11am, and the crowd was just waiting for them to open. We decided to brunch here once we realized there’s plenty of space for the crowd and then some! Fun interior with a great vibe. I bet this would be a great spot to hang out on Friday/Saturday evenings. Sunset CantinaMy sister has referred to Sunset Cantina as “the place with the huge nachos and margaritas” on many occasions. It was so hard to decide on what to order. Sunset Cantina - MenuDad’s Veggie Quesadilla ($11.99) had roasted red peppers, eggplant, spinach, zucchini, black bean corn salsa, tomatoes and monterey jack cheese in a colored tortilla. I forgot to take a photo. My sister got the “Big Easy” Cajun Melt ($8.99). Grilled cajun chicken breast topped with pepper jack cheese, lettuce and tomatoes on a toasted roll. Curly fries!"Big Easy" Cajun MeltJohn got the South of the Border Fiesta Nachos. Brave, brave man… he originally wanted the full nachos ($10.99), but after some convincing from my sister and the waitress, he went with the half size ($8.99). Yes, this photo below… South of the Border Nachos… that’s the half portion of the nachos. Impressive. It ended up being plenty of food for John. That’s a lot of guacamole and sour cream. Super piggly wiggly.

I ended up getting the BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadilla ($12.99?). Tender pork slathered with BBQ sauce topped with melted cheddar cheese and red onion in a red chili. The BBQ pulled pork was just amazing. Tender, juicy, packed with tangy BBQ flavors. Slathered is the most accurate way to describe it. BBQ Pulled Pork Quesadilla

BBQ Pulled Pork QuesadillaSunset Cantina sure knows how to make quesadillas. Big portions, too. Enough for 2 meals! We were heading back to NYC right after commencement, and I was kinda bummed that I had to leave the leftovers in my sister’s fridge!

Service was excellent. Our waitress was friendly and attentive. I can imagine service being a little slower when they’re more crowded though. Their menu says that they accept gold bars as payment. Hah! Sunset Cantina - MenuWe were very tempted by the margaritas and beers, but I’m glad we didn’t get any drinks as we spent the next couple hours outdoors, baking in the sun with no water. Sunburnt and dehydrated. I want to go back to Sunset Cantina! So tasty! I want margaritas, too! Why aren’t there places like this in NYC?!


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