Metro Burger Bar at LaGuardia

Metro Burger BarWe’re back from Vegas, and this is just the first of many posts from our Vegas Thanksgiving trip! I need to go through all my photos, and hopefully I’ll be able to get some photos from friends too. We discovered that my iPhone adds a strange blue glow when the flash is on, so I didn’t get very many nighttime shots.

We flew out out LaGuardia airport, which was a bit of a trek, but it wasn’t too awful riding the subway and bus with our luggage. After you go through security, Metro Burger Bar was the only real sit down restaurant in the terminal.Vegetarian Burger - Metro Burger BarThis place wasn’t too bad for airport food. I believe it was around $9 for the veggie burger, which had a patty made of various grains. Topped with lettuce, black beans and guacamole that had a slight kick to it. The fries were nice and crispy, and I ended up packing those to bring with me on the plane. They were a nice mid-flight snack.

Unfortunately, the beers were not as good of a deal. Not horribly priced though. Around $10 or $11 each, but the prices were not listed on the menu. They do have a good selection on tap, and I really liked the Smutty Nose Old Brown Dog brown ale I ordered. The name intrigued me, and the beer was delicious with the burger!

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