Halloween Bar Crawl

Halloween Saturday in NYC. Snowy. VERY snowy. Everyone knew that a storm was coming, but I don’t think anyone was prepared for this. We had purchased bar crawl tickets ($10) and made plans to meet up with friends. Snow + bar crawl + Halloween = not so good. It was kinda fun that we braved the awful weather, but man, this was a disappointing first Halloween in NYC. Lots of layers, snow boots, umbrellas. John had a mustache to keep his face warm, haha. I reused my costume from last year, but added a wool coat and multiple pairs of leg warmers under my snow boots! That hairbow wig makes a decent winter hat.
The bar crawl started at McFadden’s Saloon, which was in an area we haven’t really explored much since moving here. The drink specials were pretty good, but they really stand to dim the lights more for better ambiance. Didn’t understand the bartender’s costume. He was a pizza with fairy wings. We also stopped by Public House for more drinks and a snack. Oh my goodness! The fries were incredible.


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