Panna II Garden Indian Restaurant, East Village

On Saturday, we went to Panna II for dinner with Danny and Carrie. Indian food and BYOB! Food was okay considering the price, but I remember the Chicken Vindaloo being pretty bland. The veggie entrees was good, and the free ice cream at the end of the meal was a nice treat. John and I each had a glass of Brass Tacks Cabernet Sauvignon at home while we were getting ready. We brought the rest of the cab and a bottle of Wine Spots Chardonnay to the restaurant. Not too crazy about the cab with Indian food (John wanted to bring it because he doesn’t like white wines), but the chard was delicious. The acidity, fruity flavors, and floral aromas go well with the spices. (I usually don’t even like chardonnay that much!) The Argentinian Sauvignon Blanc that Danny and Carrie brought was tasty, too. If you’re wondering why the photos have a nice pink glow, it’s because this restaurant has the most ridiculous decorations. I didn’t get any good photos on my phone, but here’s an image from Google:This place is tiny, covered in shiny wrapping paper, and has a bazillion lights. The chilli pepper lights are my favorite. While we were there, they turned off all the lights momentarily before singing happy birthday to someone. Not a fan of the flashing lights. Ugh.

Food was mediocre, but we’re definitely going back sometime. Pretty lights!


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