Vegetarian’s Paradise 2, Greenwich Village

You know what’s better than soul food? Vegan soul food. Mmm, yes. Before we visited Boston, my sister kept talking about Bon Chon. I like fried chicken, but veggie fried chicken is even better. I’ve been to fried chicken places much like Bon Chon, where the chicken tastes great, but isn’t a good deal. VP2‘s veggie fried chicken hits the spot and is very reasonably priced. We always leave VP2 feeling stuffed!

Three of us shared the Texas Fried Chicken ($10.95) and Baby Back Ribs ($11.95). Fries, tater tots and a small serving of peas/carrots on the side. Both the chicken and ribs were soy-based veggie meats with a stringy meat-like texture. I’m always impressed by imitation meat with that texture. The ribs were slathered in BBQ sauce. Tasted very similar to MorningStar riblets, but not as salty. VP2 - World Famous Crispy Soul Chicken VP2 - BBQ Baby Back RibsVP2 now has beer on the menu! I’m normally not the biggest fan of Sierra Nevada, but the Torpedo was a good one. A big IPA with lots and lots of hops and 7.2% alcohol content. A nice complement to the entrees. Sierra Nevada TorpedoWen tried one of their mixed juices. The Cold Buster ($4.50 for 16oz), which had apples, grapefruit and ginger. Pretty tasty. Might want to get one of those next time.

After VP2, we went over to Alice’s in the Financial District. Amazing view from the roof! So many pretty lights. Manhattan


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