Seed Vegan Dining, New Orleans, LA

Seed Vegan Vegetarian Restaurant, New Orleans, LouisianaOn my recent trip to New Orleans, I enjoyed plenty of good vegan eats around town, but nothing compares to Seed. Here, NOLA flavor meets plant-based dining, or as they call it garden-based. Whether you’re craving gumbo, po boys, or beignets, Seed has you covered. The difficult part is deciding what to order as there are plenty of options. If you are vegan and you find yourself in NOLA, a meal (or in my case, two) at Seed should be on your list. We made our way through a good chunk of the menu, trying a total of nine dishes. Next time I’m in town, I’ll be stopping by for weekend brunch!

Southern Fried Nuggets

Seed’s nuggets are made of tofu coated with chickpea flour then fried until golden brown. We opted for a cashew queso dipping sauce. You can never go wrong with fried tofu.

Southern Fried Nuggets Seed New Orleans


Purple corn chips meets roasted corn salsa, cashew queso, black beans, guacamole, cashew sour cream, and cilantro. It’s quite a mountain! Enjoyable, but it’s not my top choice of a starter unless you’re craving nachos specifically.

Vegan Nachos, Seed, New Orleans

Artichoke Cakes

Before I went vegetarian, I used to love crab cakes. From time to time, I’ll made a vegan version with hearts of palm. I like that Seed adds artichokes in there too, along with corn, red pepper, green onions, and garlic. Lovely panko exterior, plus lots of flavor. This is one of my top picks.

Vegan Artichoke Crab Cakes, Seed, New Orleans


You can’t visit New Orleans without having gumbo, right? On this trip to NOLA, I learned all that okra is the key ingredient to gumbo just right even though most people think of seafood when they hear the word “gumbo”. The rich roux gives it flavor, while okra provides that thick texture. Seed does a great vegan version, and you should definitely add spicy seitan to your order. This gumbo disappeared very quickly…

Vegan Gumbo with Spicy Seitan, Seed, New Orleans

Mac & Cheese

I’m a crazy vegan mac and cheese lady, and after seeing this dish on The Vegan Roadie’s New Orleans episode, I decided to order it. Not sure if it was an off day, or if I just really don’t like cheese sauces that rely too heavily on Daiya, but I wasn’t crazy about this one. Sorry!

Vegan Mac & Cheese, Seed, New Orleans

Sweet Corn Polenta

I only developed a love for grits and polenta over the past year or so. Before that, I’ve had too many bland renditions of both that left me feeling “meh” about them. At Seed, the grilled polenta cakes are topped with mushrooms, pickled onions, and raisins. Tasty.

Vegan Sweet Corn Polenta, Seed, New Orleans

BBQ Sandwich

I’m always curious to try a restaurants house made seitan, and that’s exactly why we ordered this messy sandwich. It’s not easy to get this sammie photo ready, but it’s got good flavors and texture going for it. Just remember to grab an extra napkin for this one.

Vegan BBQ Sandwich, Seed, New Orleans

Southern Fried Poboy

If you enjoyed the fried tofu nuggets, you’ll enjoy this one too. The Southern Fried Poboy is packed with tofu and simple toppings: vegan mayo, lettuce, and tomato. I got my half of the sandwich to go, and it was tasty and comforting for breakfast the next day. If fried tofu isn’t your thing, they’ve also got a poboy with eggplant.

Vegan Southern Fried Tofu Po Boy, Seed, New Orleans


On my first trip to New Orleans, which feels like a lifetime ago, a friend dragged our group to Cafe du Monde for beignets. I remember sulking at the long lines, but fell in love with the fried pillows of sweetness. Thanks to Seed, you can enjoy an animal-free version of this NOLA classic. Perfect way to end the meal!

Vegan Beignets, Seed, New Orleans

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