Blossom on Carmine, West Village

Blossom on Carmine, West Village

Our very first Saturday brunch of 2016 was at Blossom on Carmine. A big vegan brunch to kick off the new year seems very fitting as I’ve been skewing more and more vegan these days. Honestly, it’s not hard at all, especially after years of vegetarianism, and it makes so much sense to me to be A.V.A.P. (as vegan as possible). Anyway…

The classic brunch entrees, like huevos rancheros and tofu benedict, were very tempting, but we haven’t been to Blossom in a while and couldn’t turn down the sandwiches/burgers. Thank goodness we were both starving when we got there because these bad boys are gigantic.

Vegan Brunch at Blosson on Carmine, West Village

I don’t know if Blossom renovated the interior or if I haven’t paid attention on my previous visits (which were always in the evening), but I’m liking the dry brush white paint effect. Comfy, cozy space for a leisurely brunch with friends.

All their booze is 100% vegan, of course. I dunno about you, but I tend to prefer my wine without a side of fish bladder, but maybe that’s just me. If you’re at Blossom, skip the mimosa and bellini and get the pomosa ($10). Wish more places offered pom cocktails!

Blossom’s soy bacon cheeseburger ($15) is one of NYC’s best vegan burgers. It also happens to be about the size of your face. Vegan burger patty, cheddar, caramelized onions, shiitake mushrooms, soy bacon, lettuce, tomato, chipotle aioli, sesame bun. I know some people will make a fuss about the faux meat. If you don’t like it, well then, don’t eat it… which means more for me! Take a look at this beauty!

Vegan Bacon Soy Cheeseburger, Blossom on Carmine

We also got the southern seitan sandwich ($15). Spiced seitan, avocado, lettuce, caramelized onions, chipotle aioli, foccocia bread. Nicely cooked seitan (not tough or chewy) with a good fried crust. The foccocia slices were the right thickness for a sandwich. I would have liked more avocado, but maybe I’m just being greedy.

Southern Seitan Sandwich at Blossom on Carmine, West Village

I’m also a fan of Blossom’s fries, which I suspect are baked. The sweet potato fries might one of the best fries I’ve put in my mouth. The regular fries are seasoned with garlic and vinegar — so tasty, but don’t plan on kissing anyone after eating them!


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    Mitzie Mee

    Didn’t know about the fish bladder in the wine..yuck! I always wonder how people found out that stuff like this would work as fining in the first place. Trial and error? When I make sweet potato fries at home, they always come out rather soggy but the ones you have look crispy and really delicious:)

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      I have no idea, and frankly, don’t really want to know who originally decided to use fish bladder. = Thankfully, more and more wineries are going the vegan and sustainable route!

      I have the same problem with sweet potato fries at home too. They’re nice and crispy right out of the oven, then go soggy. Gotta eat them fast! ;)

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