Essex / The Met Museum / The Plaza Food Hall

Cathy was recently in town for a few days! We rounded up a small group for a Saturday excursion starting with the prix fixe brunch at Essex.

I’ve had their Lobster Benedict once, which was good, but I enjoyed the Crab Cake Benedict so much more. The poached eggs were great with the crab cakes and buttered English muffin. Oh, poached eggs… how I love you so. Crab Cake Benedict - EssexCathy got the Baked Eggs filled with crisp black forest ham, roasted peppers, shiitake mushrooms, and cheese. Essex does a nice job with tasty and filling entrees! Baked Eggs - Essex Many mimosas later, we rode the subway to The Met on the Upper East Side. Lately, the city has been an empty ghost town since so many New Yorkers are away for the holidays. The museum, however, was still packed with people. The Metropolitan Art MuseumI love wandering through museums, but I don’t like to linger in one exhibit for too long — there’s always so much to see! On this visit, we feasted our eyes on artwork from Korea’s Silla Kingdom, William Kentridge’s The Refusal of Time, Ink Art: Chinese Contemporary Art, and the amazing jewels by JAR. The Metropolitan Art MuseumThe Metropolitan Art MuseumOur poor tired feet thanked us when we hopped on a bus to The Plaza Hotel, where we found a nice spot in The Food Hall to enjoy some coffee and tea.


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    Delicious Peace of Mind

    The tiredness that comes after a whole day of walking around town is such a rewarding feeling, don’t you think? And again, poached eggs?! :-)

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      I agree! It’s an rewarding form of exercise… much better than hitting the gym. :)

      Hahah, yes! Me and my love for poached eggs! ;)

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