Cocoron Soba, Lower East Side

Housemade Silky Tofu, Cocoron

Angela and I recently visited the Cocoron Soba on Delancey for a weeknight dinner. Even though the Delancey Street location is smaller than the one on Kenmare, there was no wait for a table. We started with $5 large Sapporos, which were perfect after a long day of work.

When we visit ramen or soba restaurants, we pretty much always order a tofu appetizer. We got the Housemade Silky Tofu to share, and it came out immediately. If you ask for the vegan version, you get tasty sesame seeds instead of bonito flakes.

Housemade Silky Tofu, Cocoron

It’s a fun one to eat! Scoop the tofu into your little wooden bowl, add scallions, nori, sesame seeds, and soy sauce. A nice mix of flavors and textures, and the way it’s served is cute. If you like tofu, I would recommend this. Soft, silky tofu that pretty much melts in your mouth.

Angela ordered one of the dip sobas with some type of meaty broth. It’s served with a flame underneath, and you’re supposed to add that giant pat of butter. It smelled quite nice.

Dip Soba, Cocoron

I stuck to my classic order at soba places, the sansai soba, but ordered it cold since it was such a hot day. It’s completely vegan. The toppings included kitsune tofu, mushrooms, and various veggies. Lots and lots of scallions! Thank goodness I ordered the regular and not the large as I could barely finish it. The noodles were tasty though. Overall, it was good, but I preferred the hot version of Cocoron’s sansai soba that I previously tried at the Kenmare location.

Vegan Cold Sansai Soba, Cocoron


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    Mitzie Mee

    The soba looks really tasty. How was your friend’s soba with butter? Nice with the DIY tofu bowl:)

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      She said it was quite rich and tasty! Pretty sure it’s not authentic though. Butter makes everything better, right? ;)

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