Obao, Hell’s Kitchen

Obao, Hell's Kitchen

After a family trip to the Intrepid Museum, we visited Obao in Hell’s Kitchen for a late lunch… or was it an early dinner? From noon to 4pm, they have a lunch special that includes an appetizer and entree for $8. This special is available on weekends too.

Grilled Japanese Eggplant, Obao

I ordered the Grilled Japanese Eggplant as my appetizer. Very nicely done, topped with chili, crispy shallots, and herbs. Served in a very tasty nuoc cham dipping sauce. The other appetizers that our table ordered, the salad and dumplings, didn’t look quite as appealing.

Pad Thai, Obao

Han ordered the Shrimp Pad Thai for his entree. I’ve never had a pad thai topped with a poached egg, but I like the idea. Overall, Han thought this dish was okay. He really misses Asian food, and, unfortunately, I’ve been having a tough time finding places that he likes.

There were two vegetarian options available for the lunch special. John got the Mixed Vegetables Delight, which was basically just veggies and tofu served with rice. I ordered the Green Curry, which had tofu, eggplant, bamboo, bell peppers, and Thai basil. I normally find Thai green curry to be very spicy, but this one needed the help of some hot sauce. Not the most amazing green curry I’ve had, but acceptable for the price.

Green Curry, Obao

Happy hour was also happening, and we scored some good deals on beers and cocktails. John got the Ladyboy Daiquiri, which had lemongrass-infused rum, lime, pineapple juice, Thai chili, and basil seeds. He ate the chili pepper before I took a photo. I really liked the Cucumber Batida. A refreshing mixture of rum, cucumber, brown sugar, lime, and red wine.

Cocktails, Obao

John and I were the only ones who ordered dessert. John ordered some coffee dessert (maybe a semifreddo?), and I got the Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake ($9). Both desserts looked quite good, and we probably should have just ordered one to share.

Desserts, Obao

Unfortunately, the chocolate didn’t flow out the way a lava cake should, but it was soft and warm with a good mixture of chocolate and green tea flavors. I always love green tea ice cream, and the walnut soil and crunchy chocoballs added a nice touch. Come here for that $8 lunch special, and don’t forget to treat yourself to dessert!

Chocolate Green Tea Lava Cake, Obao

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    Mitzie Mee

    Getting a lava cake without a soft core is like getting a hardboiled egg, when you’re hoping for a soft-boiled one. it might taste ok, but it’s just not what you wanted:):) The food looks very tasty though, and I love the name of John’s drink *lol*

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      Well said! It tasted fine, but there was a little bit of magic missing! Haha, I made fun of him for ordering that drink. :P

  • Reply
    annie lee

    chocolate green tea lava cake?? best of both world!

    • Reply

      Perfect combo of flavors, right?! :D

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    Curt Lanier

    Love this restaurant so much!!! Visited my first trip to NY!! Incredible atmosphere and Wonderful Food.;)

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