Zeppelin Hall Biergarten, Jersey City

Zeppelin Hall, Jersey CityOn a sunny Saturday, we rode the light rail Zeppelin Hall Biergarten. The light rail runs really slowly, but it’s perfect if you’re in a leisurely mood. It was around 12:30pm when we arrived, and there were only a few other people in the spacious outdoor space. Zeppelin Hall, Jersey CityI’d love to come here with a group of friends, but that means convincing friends to come out to Jersey City. It isn’t that far, but everyone hears “Jersey” and thinks it’s a long trek. Zeppelin Hall, Jersey CityThere are several bars to order from, and each one carries a different selection of beers, so don’t rush to grab a beer from the first bar you see. I ordered a large Louisana Purple Haze, which was delicious. John ordered some kind of IPA, his favorite type of beer. Jalapeno Poppers, Cheese Fries, Zeppelin HallTo order food, you go to the kitchen window. Unfortunately, there’s no vegetarian bratwurst here, so we shared some Jalapeno Poppers ($7.95) and Cheese Fries ($5.95). Nothing special about the food, but junk food always goes well with beer, right?

Zeppelin Hall has a pig roast on weekends, which is apparently quite popular. It was a bit terrifying for us vegetarians. Zeppelin Hall also hosts mug shot contests. Perhaps we should come back for this?Zeppelin Hall, Jersey City


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