Epistrophy Cafe, Nolita

Epistrophy Cafe, NolitaJohn and I recently went on a double date with Brian, one of my buddies from CMU, and his girlfriend Monica. We originally planned on having dinner at Otto Pizzeria, but couldn’t get a reservation. After some Googling, I suggested Epistrophy Cafe as an alternative. We visited Epistrophy once, but it was just for drinks.

There was outdoor seating available, but we decided we would be more comfortable inside. Plus, the warm glow of the restaurant was incredibly inviting, drawing me into its cozy, rustic space. Great spot for a date night or an intimate gathering with friends.
Epistrophy Cafe, NolitaThere were several vegetarian options on the menu, but only two options for John since he doesn’t like mushrooms and eggplant. Being the carbaholic that I am, I went straight to the pasta section. There wine selection was pretty good, including many that were available by the glass. I had a refreshing glass of prosecco as an aperitif. Epistrophy Cafe, NolitaImmediately after we placed our orders, the waiter brought out a basket of warm bread. The bread was pretty dry and crumbly, but not bad with a little olive oil. Epistrophy Cafe, NolitaJohn ordered the Ravioli Ai Carciofi ($14). Artichoke ravioli with fresh basil pasta, pinenuts and parmigiano cheese. He had mentioned that it looked small, but once he finished everything on the plate, there were no complaints about still feeling hungry. The basil pasta was really delicious. Lots of yummy basil flavor and nicely cooked. By the way, love how they match the color of the plates to the color of the food. Artichoke Ravioli - Epistrophy CafeI got the Gnocchi Ai Funghi ($14), which had their house made potato gnocchi with mushrooms, truffle oil and parmigiano cheese. The gnocchi was good with the tasty truffle oil, but it didn’t melt in your mouth quite like potato gnocchi I’ve had at other restaurants. After my prosecco, I moved on to a glass of Pinot Noir. Earthy and medium-bodied, the perfect wine pairing for mushrooms. Mushroom Gnocchi - Epistrophy CafeWhen our waiter asked Brian if he wanted another drink, Brian immediately turned to me and said, “You! Wine lady, tell me what to drink!” Yep, that’s what happens when you’re work in the wine industry! Haha.

Overall, a decent meal in a casual, rustic space. An entree and two drinks each at a very reasonable price. It’s cute that the bill was all rolled up and on a little floral plate. Epistrophy Cafe, Nolita

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    Mitzie Mee

    Looks like a nice place. I wish I knew more about wine:)

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      Drink more wine to learn more about wine! :D

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