SobaKoh, East Village

SobaKoh - Plum WineLast Friday, Angela and I went on our final dinner date of the year! We grab dinner once a month at ramen or soba places in Manhattan.

This time around, it was a soba date at SobaKoh in East Village. If you’re there at the right time, you might get to watch one of the chefs make soba noodles. He was there briefly when we first arrived. I should have grabbed a photo then!

At SobaKoh, they have plum wine on the rocks or mixed with soda. It’s sweet enough as it is, so I went with a glass on the rocks. It’s served with a gigantic, juicy plum at the bottom.

Like most soba places, they had plenty of vegetarian options… (“vegetalian”).SobaKoh menuWe ordered the agedashi tofu to share. One of our all time favorite appetizers. SobaKoh - Agedashi TofuAlso shared an order vegetable tempura. Very tasty with a nice, light batter! SobaKoh - Vegetable TempuraHere’s my Hot Kinoko Soba ($14) with 3 kinds of mushrooms (shimeji, shitake and enoki). I always order the mushroom soba at soba places, and I’m never disappointed! The soba was nicely cooked, the mushrooms were juicy, and the broth was wonderfully warm. Soba always warms the soul on a cold winter’s day. :)SobaKoh - Kinoko Hot Soba


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    Mitzie Mee

    I love soba but I prefer the cold ones with wasabi, scallions and soba sauce. The food looks really good, and I love that huge plum in your glass:)

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      That reminds me, I haven’t had cold soba in a while! It is really good just with wasabi, scallions, and sauce. Maybe when the weather gets warmer! :)

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