Rai Rai Ken, East Village

John and I recently met up with Will and Laura for drinks at Burp Castle. What a name! This is the first I’ve heard of a quiet bar, and they actually shush you if you’re too loud. The beers were tasty, the murals were intriguing, but the tables were sticky. Good place to catch up with friends though.

We soon grew tired of being shushed and wandered through East Village in search of a late night snack. After one failed attempt (due to Kambi Ramen closing at 11pm), we had the entire restaurant to ourselves at Rai Rai Ken!

Rai Rai Ken - Vegetable Miso RamenThis is the first time I’ve had ramen since going fully vegetarian for 2013. The Vegetable Miso Ramen ($10.50) was large enough to share. Soy bean based veggie broth, fairly light on the miso flavor, very heavy on the garlic. Thick curly noodles and lots of veggies. Broccoli seems a bit out of place, but I do love broccoli and garlic. The fried bean curd was a little soggy, but tasted good with the broth.

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