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Las Vegas StripTraveling between the east and west coast is hard even though it’s just a 3-hour time difference. Jet lag set in shortly after we landed, but all the excitement of being in Vegas kept us going for a little longer. We checked into our room at the Monte Carlo and freshened up before heading out for some fun!

We walked from Monte Carlo to ARIA, to the Shops at Crystals, then finally to Planet Hollywood. Even though it was pretty chilly, we insisted on walking outside as much as possible to enjoy the neon lights along the Strip. We got one of those alcoholic slushie drinks, which was wonderfully delicious, but the brain freeze was awful!

Truth: our late night meal at Planet Dailies was by far the worst food we had on our entire Vegas trip (even taking airport food into account). At least we got the bad stuff out of the way early in the trip, right? We just wanted a quick late night meal, but it took much longer than expected and didn’t taste very good. Also, it did not help that they messed up the bill and included my beer on there twice.

John got the Western Omelet ($14.99) without ham. It was the saddest omelet I’ve ever seen, and came with limp looking fries and toast. The man who never complains about food and hates to waste food said he didn’t really enjoy this meal and left quite a bit on his plate. That was quite a shocker! Mac & Cheese - Planet DailiesI ordered the Mac & Cheese ($14.50), which sounded quite nice. “Creamy parmesan and cheddar cheese sauce with gemelli pasta, topped with parmesan and panko breadcrumbs.” The pasta itself was a nice al dente, but the cheese sauce was really bland. When I reached for the salt and pepper shakers to spruce up my food, I discovered a large wad of tangled hair caught on the opening of the salt shaker! Ugh, yuck!!!

1375400803752We should have just gone for late night at Gordon Ramsay’s BurGR instead! BurGR was at the very top of our list of places to try, but I wanted to save it for a time when we were not so exhausted, so we could properly enjoy the food. There’s even a portobello mushroom menu on the menu for veggie eaters. We, sadly, never made it there! :( John, at least, caught a glimpse of the very cool fire wall inside the restaurant when he went looking for the bathroom in the Planet Hollywood casino. Next time we’re in Vegas!


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    Mitzie Mee

    I really really wanted to try BurGR, when I was there, but I came too late the last evening, and they were about to close. I hope you go, so I can read your blog post about it:)

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      Unfortunately, I didn’t make it to BurGR either! :( One day, one of us will finally have a chance to try it. :)

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