Halloween 2013

-28Happy Halloween, everyone! Or should I say Dexterween? Last Saturday, we met up with some friends at Barcade in Williamsburg before going to a house party nearby. On the subway, we got a lot of great reactions to our costumes, and I think we even startled one guy. It was a fun and inexpensive costume, and the timing was perfect since the final season of Dexter just finished airing.

DIY Dexter Morgan & Victim Halloween Costume
John’s Dexter costume was really easy to put together. We bought a lightweight vinyl apron ($6) on Amazon and black gloves from a dollar store. We had an extra pair of safety goggles in our hardware supplies closet. I made a knife out of cardboard using a kitchen knife for reference. Looked pretty good after painting it with black and silver paint. dexter-prepTo create the blood splatter effect, we used a straw and red acrylic paint. Very messy! Tony cat decided to help us with our costumes, and by help, I mean he lay down on top of the apron before the paint was fully dry! Silly cat got a little red paint on his belly.

Whenever I see nail art on Pinterest, I always wonder where people find the time and patience for that stuff. Painting my nails without getting it all over my skin is hard enough! I had my heart set on trying out blood splatter nails. This was my first attempt at nail art! dexter-nailsPainted my nails white a couple days before. I did 2 coats to get an even, opaque white. John helped me tape every finger with painters tape. This was an awkward process, but it made clean up pretty easy. I cut a regular sized straw down to 3 inches to make it easier to blow the red nail polish. It was hard to get the nail polish to form a bubble over the end of the straw. A thinner straw would have been much easier. The red nail polish had some shine to it after it dries, which made it look more blood-like. Overall, this project was a bit of a struggle, but the result was pretty awesome!

John’s outfit consisted of jeans and a black long sleeved shirt. A green henley shirt would be ideal, but any long sleeved shirt gets the idea across. He styled his hair like Dexter and skipped shaving that day since Dexter usually has some stubble. dexter-victim-halloweenMy plastic wrap dress was a bit more tricky to put together. I wore a light grey tank top and nude shorts underneath as I wanted as little plastic as possible touching my skin. We made a skirt out of some bubble wrap (yes, some bubbles popped every time I sat down!), and wrapped it in kitchen plastic wrap. We made sure that the skirt wasn’t too tight so I could walk and go to the bathroom! The top was fairly easy, but we did have to create the sleeves with separately. I was surprised by how little plastic wrap we used! We didn’t even go through the existing roll from our kitchen. Received a lot of compliments on the dress, and the plastic wrap actually kept me quite warm throughout the evening.

The cut on my right cheek was drawn on with black eyeliner, then dotted with fake blood to create the dripping effect. We had to use a business card to apply the fake blood, and it took a couple tries to get right.


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    Mitzie Mee

    That’s a really scary outfit!
    Happy halloween:)

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      Thanks! Happy belated Halloween! :)

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