Dave & Busters, Times Square

Times Square

Guess where we went for New Year’s Eve? Dave & Busters! Most bars, clubs and restaurants have NYE events with an open bar and buffet. The events are always at least 5-hours long, and it’s unrealistic to think that you’re actually going to be dancing for that entire time. Plus, you don’t get seats unless you purchase a premium VIP ticket ($$$). We decided to go to Dave & Busters, just the two of us. Eat, drink, dance, play games! The general admission tickets came to around $100, including all the fees.

You’d think that Times Square would be a mad house, especially with all the people there to see the ball drop, but everything was under control. They fenced off areas for people with event tickets. I’ve never seen the sidewalks in Times Square so empty! The longest line we had to wait in was for coat check at Dave & Busters. What a surprise!

Whoever came up with the concept of Dave & Busters is a genius. Everyone loves arcade games, and when you add food and drinks into the mix, it’s a whole lot of fun. We nibbled away on crispy chicken tenders, pizza bites, mini burgers, brownies and cookies. And of course, we took advantage of the 5-hour premium open bar. :)

We thought that we would only have enough tickets for some random trinket, but ended up coming home with a penguin (my toy!), a bouncy ball (John’s toy) and candy. We were over by skeeball machines when we noticed how empty the arcade space had become. That’s when we realized it was approaching midnight, so we wandered off to see where the countdown was. We rushed over just in time to join the last 8 seconds of the countdown! Haha. Hello 2013!


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