Setagaya Ramen, East Village

Tuesday night ramen date with Angela and Danny. Our original plan was Ippudo. I’ve always suspected that Ippudo is overrated, but I gotta to try it and see what the fuss is all about. Tuesday 7:15pm at Ippudo: 3 hour wait. What?!

Well then, no Ippudo for us. Luckily, East Village has plenty of other ramen places to satisfy our ramen craving. Setagaya Ramen, small place with a 10 minute wait. Not too bad. We drooled over the ramen photos outside while we waited for our table and Danny. Setagaya Ramen menu

As always, vegetarianism was put on hold for porky goodness. It just seems wrong to go to a ramen place and order the vegetable ramen, especially when it’s the same price as many of the other options.

We ordered one Shio Ramen and two Syo-yu Ramens. There was a lot of confusion as the waitress repeated our order. She kept saying “Shio” and “Syo-yu” really quickly, and it all sounded like the same thing! Argh! I ended up with the wrong order: Shio instead of Syo-yu. But hey, I’m hungry, and there’s ramen is front of me. I’ll eat it! Setagaya Ramen menuThe broth in the Shio Ramen (salt flavor) was lighter than what I was expecting. Still very flavorful, and I was somewhat relieved that it wasn’t too rich and fatty. It still made me pretty thirsty though. Setagaya is pretty generous with the scallions, which adds a nice kick to the salt broth. The noodles were the right firmness for me: slightly on the soft side, but not soggy. I like that they included an entire soft boiled egg as a topping. (At other places, you sometimes have to pay for the egg.) Unfortunately, there was only one miserable piece of pork. Sigh. Setagaya Ramen - Shio RamenOverall, not too bad for $10. It’s decent ramen, but doesn’t quite the hit the spot. I wanted more from it. Ramen is, after all, the ultimate Japanese comfort food. My taste buds want to be comforted!


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