Bier International, Harlem

Small BootWe just moved to NYC a couple months ago and haven’t really explored the city much, including our own neighborhood. Met up with friends at Bier International last Wednesday. I’m not quite sure if this area (W 113th and Frederick Douglass) is considered Upper West Side or Harlem. It’s just a couple blocks north of Central Park. Just a short subway ride away for us. The storefront opens up entirely and would be lovely in nice weather.

Solid selection of German beers, including options that come in a 1-liter and 2-liter boot. We got a small boot of the HB Hofbrau Dunkel. Their menu describes it as a light-bodied dark lager with roasted malt flavor. It was a good choice.

John ordered the pineapple and smoked chipotle guacamole. I’m normally not much of a pineapple fan, but it was a nice touch. I was tempted by the bratwurst and currywurst, but ended up going with the pan-seared catfish tacos. Catfish strips, bell peppers, onions, cilantro and smoked chipotle mayo with flour tortillas.

Catfish Tacos$8 for 2 fish tacos and a salad. Nothing special about the salad. A lot of filling in these tacos, which made them quite messy to eat. A little heavy on the onions and mayo, but the catfish was delish. Soft and moist with a nice browned crust. Quite generous with the number of catfish strips too.


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    beer in boot! hahaha so interesting.

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      you’ve never had beer in boot before?

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