Screamer’s Pizzeria, Greenpoint

Screamer's Pizzeria, Greenpoint

I scream, you scream, we all scream for Screamer’s Pizzeria! Just last week, Screamer’s Pizzeria, the lovechild of Blackbird Pizzeria and Champs Diner, opened in Greenpoint. This is Brooklyn’s first all vegan pizza joint. I stopped by for the grand opening when they were offering $2 slices all day. Pro tip: Screamer’s is conveniently located next to Van Leeuwen ice cream shop, so you can get a vegan milkshake for dessert afterwards.

Manhattan’s got 00+Co, and Brooklyn’s got Screamer’s to satisfy your vegan pizza cravings. I happened to visit both pizzerias within a week of each other (yup, that’s how much I love pizza), and as much as I like them both, I am a bigger fan of the latter. P.S. One of my photos was included in this Peta article!


At Screamer’s, they do New York style vegan pizza by the slice. The menu is up on the wall, but you’re better off peeking at the display. The menu may seem small, but they’ve got red and white sauces, a pie with spicy pesto, and a few different vegan meats in the mix. For now, they’re using Daiya cheese, but will be experimenting with other cheeses soon. (Photo credit: Screamer’s Pizzeria)

The Screamer is a must try when you’re at Screamer’s. It’s a white pie with garlic oil, vegan cheese, cremini mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, parsley, and almond parmesan. The double mushroom action is delicious. Man, do I love mushrooms with white sauce. Good garlicky flavor, and the fresh parsley is a nice complement. The crust is thin enough that you could fold it in half if you wanted, and the end is good and fluffy.

Screamer Pizza, Screamer's Pizzeria

My second slice was the Hawaiian. It’s got all your usual Hawaiian pizza toppings, but they veganized it with soy ham and vegan cheese. I wasn’t blown away, but it’s a good take on a classic. Can’t go wrong with juicy chunks of pineapple.

John was pretty happy with the Supreme, a colorful pizza with seitan pepperoni, red onions, and green bell peppers. Before I had a chance to ask for a bite, it was all gone. (Photo credit: Screamer’s Pizzeria)

Supreme Pizza, Screamer's Pizzeria

We also got a couple slices of The Clean Slide to go, and it reheated nicely in the microwave. This one is photo worthy with stripes of hot pesto, tomato sauce, vegan cheese topped with broccoli rabe, seitan sausage, and sesame seeds. Two sauces, plus all these flavors and textures! A good one to try if you like a little heat.

Clean Slide Pizza, Screamer's Pizzeria






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