Thai Noodles, Downtown Berkeley

Curry Noodles, Bangkok Noodles Berkeley

One thing I completely forgot about Berkeley is that almost every restaurant shuts down around 10pm! I’ve been spoiled by NYC and its abundance of late night and 24/7 options. After another big day out in the city, we returned to Berkeley hungry and craving noodles. Luckily, Thai Noodles was just blocks from our hotel, and they’re one of the few spots open late.

John and I both ordered the Kaw Soi curry noodles ($6.25) with wide rice noodles. It came topped with tofu, crackers, and veggies. The noodles and toppings were nice, and the curry broth was the best part. Very satisfying with the right amount of richness and heat. This may be a simple, no fuss restaurant, but this dish really warms the soul. And at a great price too!


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