Agave at Excellence Riviera Cancun

Agave Mexican Restaurant, Excellence Riviera Cancun

Our first meal after arriving at Excellence Riviera Cancun was at the Mexican restaurant Agave. The outdoor, candle lit seating makes it very romantic, while the colorful decor makes it fun and lively. There was a tequila cart right at the entrance, and you know me, I had to have a good margarita with dinner. John isn’t into margaritas, but Corona was a nice pairing for our meal.

We started our meal with tortilla chips, salsa, and guacamole, of course. There were a few vegetarian options on the menu, as well as a few other dishes where you could easily omit the meat. All the dishes are reasonably sized, so you can many different things to share. We shared four savory dishes between the two of us.

Agave Mexican Restaurant, Excellence Riviera Cancun

The Aztec soup was really tasty. It’s a traditional tomato based soup with corn tortilla strips and a hint of heat from the chili peppers. I cooled off with a grilled cactus salad afterwards, and the cactus leaves reminded me a little of seaweed although they had a different flavor.

Agave Mexican Restaurant, Excellence Riviera Cancun

At one point, a mariachi band arrived at the restaurant and started going from table to table serenading diners. It was cute, but cheesy. We were worried they would show up at our table while we eating. What do you do then? Stop to watch the band or continue eating? I feel like it would be awkward either way, haha. Thankfully, they never made it to our table.

Agave Mexican Restaurant, Excellence Riviera Cancun

You know I love tacos, so we obviously had to order that while in Mexico. The corn tortillas were loaded with refried beans, tomatoes, lettuce, and a pickled red onion sauce. We asked them not to include the shredded turkey, but with all the beans, the dish didn’t feel like it was missing anything. The pickled red onion sauce sure was yummy.

Agave Mexican Restaurant, Excellence Riviera Cancun

The crispy deep fried corn flautas filled with potato and cottage cheese were amazing. A really great mixture of textures and flavors. It’s too bad the sauce was way too spicy for me! I drank a lot of water afterwards, and unfortunately, ended up being too full for dessert!

This was easily my favorite meal of our vacation. We’re both huge fans of Mexican food, and the ambiance of the restaurant was wonderful and so romantic. If only I were able to handle the spiciness of the food a little bit better!

Agave Mexican Restaurant, Excellence Riviera Cancun


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