Le Reve at The Wynn, Vegas

The Reve at The WynnAfter dinner, we made our way over the Wynn theater for the late showing of Le Reve. I’ve never seen anything like this before! Also, it was nice that they encourage the audience to take photos (non-flash, of course) during the show.

The circular stage allows everyone in the audience to have a good view. I believe every seat is within 40 feet of the stage. We took a risk with the splash zone tickets ($105 each, the first 2 rows) and had an amazing experience. We could see the costumes and expressions of the performers clearly, and we barely felt more than a few drops of water! The Reve at The WynnColored lights, fire, smoke, acrobatics, dancing, diving, and synchronized swimming… you get the idea! It was incredible what the performers were capable of doing. In one of my favorite scenes, the performers were moving in slow motion, while being slowly lowered by cables into the pool below. They gentled grazed the surface of the water, before being lifted back up. It was so eerie and surreal.The Reve at The WynnIn the final act, there was lots of dancing and diving around a large fountain in the middle of the stage, before colorful flowers bloomed over the stage. I highly recommend Le Reve to anyone who is visiting Vegas! The Reve at The Wynn



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    This show seems really impressive!

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