Lure Fishbar, Soho

Lure Fishbar - Crab CakesWe recently celebrated Emily’s birthday at Lure Fishbar in SoHo. Loved the interior of this restaurant. Trendy, yet classy. Looks like you’re on a boat!

For appetizers, our table shared the lobster croutons and grilled baby octopus. The lobster croutons were pretty good, but very small. Pop ‘em in your mouth and just as you’re starting to enjoy it, it’s all gone. The grilled baby octopus was tender and was served with saffron potatoes. It was okay, but seemed like it was missing something.

John doesn’t eat any seafood, so he had a big lunch earlier in the day and just snacked on onion rings. I only eat seafood on special occasions and ordered the crab cakes. Lots of crab, not too much cake. Served on top of a refreshing pineapple salsa. The aioli was wonderful. Overall, rich and filling, despite how small the crab cakes looked.

After dinner, we sang our hearts out at MK Kararoke. John was a little on the fence about karaoke, but he definitely warmed up to it. Full on falsetto after a few drinks, haha!

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