Ramen Takumi, Greenwich Village

I was really excited to try the vegetarian ramen here. Most places offer one (or two, if you’re lucky) veggie options, but Ramen Takumi has eight on their menu! Our food came out quickly (yay), but the appetizers and ramen were served at the same time (boo). I really dislike it when the noodles are sitting there, soaking in the broth as you nibble away at the appetizers. That’s a big ramen no no.

Appetizer #1 – Vegetable Gyoza ($5). I was happy to see this on the menu as most ramen-ya only offer pork or shrimp. Liked the flavor of the green skin, but it wasn’t fried properly and wasn’t crispy. Also, the filling was horribly mushy. Ramen Takumi - Vegetable GyozaAppetizer #2 – Vegetable Tempura ($5). Not your typical tempura. Instead of large vegetables, they used shredded veggies. It was more of a round tempura cake. Tasted good, but too greasy for me. Ramen Takumi - Vegetable TempuraAngela ordered the Tan Tan Men with meat. It was quite spicy, but the flavor wasn’t quite right, suggesting that it wasn’t made with right pepper/spices for Tan Tan noodles. A bit of a disappointment.

By the time I got to my Vegetable Miso Ramen ($11.50), I was quite full and worried that the noodles would be soggy. Thankfully, the noodles had not turned to mush. Topped with cabbage, bamboo, bean sprouts, corn, scallions. The miso broth had a garlicky flavor and a hint of heat. There were also some whole soybeans in the broth. Ramen Takumi - Vegetable Miso Ramen

I brought the leftovers home, which gave me a chance to enjoy the ramen without a tummy full of mushy gyoza and greasy tempura. It was a good late night snack, and I was quite happy with the not too salty broth. I’ll be back to try more of their veggie ramen, but no more appetizers for me.

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