Cubana Social, Williamsburg

East River Ferry to WilliamsburgAfter brunch at Tapeo29, we headed over to Midtown to ride the East River Ferry. We made a quick stop at the United Nations HQ by the river. September is clearly the best time of the year to visit NYC. Cool, but sunny. United Nations NYCUnited Nations NYCWe rode the East River Ferry to Williamsburg. Ahh yes, land of the hipsters. We wandered through a small food festival, up and down the busy streets of W-burg, until we got tired and decided to stop for a drinks at a little Japanese place. It’s very satisfying to wander aimlessly. We ended the evening with dinner at Cubana Social.

I haven’t had much Cuban food, but I’ve enjoyed whatever I’ve tried. I like it in small quantities or for special occasions as it seems too meat heavy. John and Leslie are both very familiar with the dishes on the menu as their dad is Cuban. He used to make a lot of these foods at home, especially when they lived in Miami.

I ordered the Lechon Asado: 8-hour roasted pork, garlic citrus mojo, organic black beans and rice, plantain chips. Ridiculously tender pork with a tangy citrus flavor. Slow cooked to perfection. Just thinking about this this pork makes me so hungry. I’m interested in making a similar dish using pulled seitan. Cubana Social - Lechon Asado

Leslie and Derek both ordered sandwiches. The Chiquita and Cubano, I think. Both looked like pretty hefty sandwiches. The Chiquita was packed with avocado, black beans and maduro. The Cubano had the same roasted pork as the Lechon Asado.

John ordered the Ropa Vieja: grassfed brisket stew, tomato, poblano, olive, black beans and rice. I tasted a little of this brisket stew. Delicious and tender. John looked very happy. Lovely way to celebrate his 30th birthday. :) Cubana Social - Ropa Vieja


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