Spring Natural Kitchen, Upper West Side

Monica was in NYC for the day, so we made plans for a quick dinner in the UWS. I was really looking forward to trying Spring Natural Kitchen. Lovely space. I might have to convince John to take me here for a date night! It’s on the same block as Blossom, which is another place I’ve been meaning to try.

Real beer (aka not Bud Light) starts at $7. Not too bad. Monica and I both ordered the Vegan “Chicken” Pad Thai ($18): soy protein “chicken” strips, crispy tofu, rice noodles, bean sprouts, scallions, carrots, cashews, fresh lime juice, tamarind sauce. Honestly, $18 seems a bit steep for a noodle dish, but it was a very, VERY big portion. Plenty for a solid dinner and big lunch the next day. Natural Spring Kitchen - Pad ThaiNot too crazy about all the raw carrots. They were a bit difficult to eat and didn’t quite fit in with the rest of the dish. I wouldn’t mind if they substituted all the carrots with bean sprouts. Also, there was something missing. The soy protein, tofu and noodles were great, but the sauce needed a little kick to bring it to life. For lunch the next day, I added a generous serving of Sriracha. Exactly what it needed! Natural Spring Kitchen - Pad Thai

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