FuGaKyu / Regal Beagle, Boston

Day 1 in Boston, continued. Spent a couple hours at my sister’s dorm to get out of the heat. Summer weather + exploring on foot = exhausting. By the time we had to go for dinner, it had cooled off significantly. Nice, leisurely walk over to Coolidge Corner.


Great place for a special occasion with family. The multiple floors and wooden sliding doors create lots of intimate dining spaces. We were seated in one of the quieter spaces on the 3rd floor. I suspect that making a reservation got us better seats. It’s like a maze inside FuGaKyu! We almost got lost on our way out of the restaurant. FuGaKyuFuGaKyu MenuFuGaKyu’s menu is huge! Had a hard time deciding on what to order. John doesn’t eat any kind of sushi, so I was pretty excited about this meal. After much debate, we ended up skipping sashimi and other raw items. Yeah, I know… we are rather lame and timid sushi eaters, but sashimi has upset my dad’s stomach in the past. It was for the best. Plus, I get a little disturbed by the sight of large quantities of raw fish. Eek.FuGaKyu Choya - Plum WineWe ordered some delicious plum wine. This was really sweet. It almost needed to be watered down a bit. Completed infused with plum flavor. I tried eating some of the fruit – zero fruity flavor, just tasted like alcohol. Wine was great with the sushi. So refreshing. FuGaKyu - TempuraStarted with a couple warm tempura dishes: Oyster Mushroom Tempura ($4.50) and Soft Shell Crab Tempura ($12). The mushroom tempura wasn’t bad, but I think we should have gone with the shiitake tempura instead. The oyster mushrooms were chewy and not as flavorful as I would have liked. Also, this tempura was a little pale compared to other one.Oyster Mushroom TempuraThe crab tempura really hit the spot. On the outside, the tempura was perfect. Light and crispy. The inside was delicious. Tender, juicy soft shell crab. I don’t care if John says that crabs are basically like gigantic sea bugs. This was amazing! Little weird when you’re biting directly into what looks like a claw though.Soft Shell Crab TempuraOn to the sushi… we shared the California Maki ($7.25), Kani Katsu Maki ($8.50) and Smoked Salmon Mango Maki ($14). Prices for the sushi was a bit steep, but this was good stuff. Come to FuGaKyu to splurge. Kani Katsu Maki, California MakiCalifornia rolls always have a special place in my heart. Yeah, yeah, it’s not real sushi, but I love avocado, cucumber and crabsticks. All wrapped up in bright orange tobikko! The kani katsu maki had deep fried snow crab, cucumber and spicy katsu sauce. Little bits of scallion on the outside. Lightly spicy on the side, refreshing on the outside. I like.
Smoked salmon and mango maki ($14): tempura crumbs and mango sauce on the inside, smoked salmon and mango slices on the outside. Loved that the tempura crumbs were wrapped in there. Crunch, crunch, crunch. The outside was so pretty. Smoked Salmon Mango MakiAfter the sushi and tempura, we wanted some hot food. I almost always need something warm in my belly to feel full. Ordered the Miso Ramen with Chicken Katsu to share. The katsu was perrrrfect, but the ramen was terrible. Overcooked, no miso flavor, barely warm when it was brought to the table. Ramen is Japanese comfort food, but there was nothing comforting about this ramen. Fail.Miso Ramen with Chicken KatsuRegal Beagle
After dinner, I met up with Hannah for drinks at the Regal Beagle. Gorgeous candlelit space with a laid back vibe. Noise level was acceptable for holding a conversation. Loved the decor, including the wall covered in fuzzy dog decals in the restroom! The Regal BeagleI got the Petite Flower ($9), and Hannah got the Girl Next Door ($10). Yummy fruity cocktails! Hannah’s cocktail had Absolut Ruby Red, orange liqueur, fresh squeezed grapefruit juice and sparkling wine. My cocktail had Reyka Vodka, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, lemon and soda. I absolutely love elderflower cocktails. Sweet and heavenly. Both drinks were on the sweet side, which may not be for everyone. I was thrilled to have a good cocktail that did not cost $12. (Ugh, pricey NYC cocktails.)


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