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May Wah Vegan Vegetarian Mock Faux Meats

This post is in collaboration with May Wah.

Remember when I visited May Wah Vegetarian Market? They’re celebrating their 21st anniversary this weekend, which makes this the perfect time for a recap of the May Wah products I’ve tasted so far and how I used them in my home cooking. Scroll down for lots of May Wah food porn!

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May Wah Vegan Chicken Nuggets Sandwich

May Wah Vegan Chicken Nuggets make a good vegan, cruelty-free alternative to McDonald’s nuggets. Great texture, especially if you fry them up in a skillet so you get a crispy exterior. They’re pretty salty so go easy on dipping sauces. Eat them alone or spruce them up with leafy greens, sriracha, vegan mayo in a sandwich like I did.

May Wah Vegan BBQ Chunks Southern Plate

May Wah Vegan BBQ Chunks come in chewy, rectangular blocks with a tangy BBQ sauce. Think of them as a vegan answer to BBQ ribs. I had to go Southern with this one! Paired them with baked beans, collard greens, and a homemade vegan mac and cheese. The leftover BBQ chunks were also good in sandwich with some cole slaw.

May Wah Vegan Golden Fish Filets

May Wah Vegan Golden Fish Fillets have a lovely golden crust and an interior that’s more delicate than of their other products. What would you do with a breaded fish fillet? Make vegan fish and chips, of course! All you need are some fries and peas on the side, plus some vegan tartar sauce.

May Wah Vegan Chicken Drumsticks Legs

May Wah Vegan Chicken Legs are going to be the centerpiece of my next Super Bowl party. The tender textured vegetable protein is lightly seasoned, so you can add your own additional seasonings or sauces. Instead of the expected BBQ sauce route, I coated my drumsticks with Thai chili sauce for an afternoon snack.

May Wah Vegan Citrus Spare Ribs

May Wah Vegan Citrus Spare Ribs is my favorite so far! Very meaty and comes with a tasty citrus sauce. After cooking the spare ribs, I added some steamed broccoli to the skillet. There was enough sauce to coat both the spare ribs and broccoli evenly. Sprinkle on some scallions and sesame seeds, and it’s ready to serve over rice.

May Wah Vegan Shrimp Jambalaya

May Wah Vegan Shrimp was the product that I was most curious about. Complete with orange stripes, this vegan shrimp is almost too realistic in its appearance and texture! It’s been years since I last had real shrimp, and in my opinion, this was close to the real deal and even better because no one got hurt. John has never liked seafood, and even this vegan version didn’t win him over. Guess that means it’s legit. The shrimp was great in a vegan jambalaya, and I also used it in a veggie laksa with my homemade seitan a few nights ago!

May Wah Vegan Shrimp Laksa Noodle Soup

May Wah Vegan Jerky has won me over even though I was never a big fan of meat jerky back in my omnivore days. Made of soy protein, their jerky is a tasty savory snack on its own, but I prefer to use it sandwiches or as a shredded “meat” topping. So far, I’ve tasted their beef, spicy beef, bacon, and teriyaki jerky. The bacon is my favorite as it’s not as dry as the others, and I’m always happy to have more vegan BLATs in my life!

May Wah Vegan Vegetarian Bacon Jerky

Note: This post is in collaboration with May Wah. I was invited as a guest to this establishment and received complimentary samples. This was not in exchange for a positive review and all opinions expressed here are my own.



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    annie lee

    What is that shrimp made of?? Looks extremely real!

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      I no longer have the packaging, but I believe it’s soy based!

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