Marty’s V Burger, Winter Village Pop-Up

Marty's V Burger Pop Up, Winter Village

For years, John has been talking about how great it would be if there were a vegan version of McDonalds. So when I tasted Marty’s V Burger‘s Original World Famous Burger at the Burger Supremacy, I knew that John and Marty were meant to be. I suppose that would make me the third wheel, huh?

Over the winter, Marty’s V Burger had a spot at the Winter Village at Bryant Park. I got a big order of Marty’s to go before they closed the Winter Village. If you missed out, don’t fret! Marty’s will be opening a permanent location at Lexington Ave and 27th St soon!

Crabby Patty Burger, Marty's V Burger

John had the Original World Famous Burger ($6.50), which I had previously tried at the burger tasting contest. I got their crabby patty burger ($7.50). It’s a vegan patty with a crab-like texture and a lightly crispy exterior, jalapeno tartar sauce, and shredded lettuce on a sesame bun. I prefer the crabby patty to the original patty as it’s got a better texture and is, in my opinion, much tastier.

Crabby Patty Burger, Marty's V Burger

We also got an order of their meatless drumsticks ($8 for three) with buffalo and blue “cheese” sauce. I have no idea what these are made of. My guess would be seitan, but they’re gluten free, so it can’t be wheat gluten… hmmm. The mysteries of Marty’s. Anyway, love that these come on a stick, and the veggie meat is tasty, tender and juicy. Since there were three drumsticks in an order, we had a Nerf gun battle to determine who got the last drumstick. I lost!

Buffalo & Blue Cheeze Drumstix, Marty's V Burger

And of course, I had to try the cajun mac ($5.50). I wanted to like this, but I found it a bit dry. Maybe it needs to be eaten immediately after purchase, not taken home at as takeout, oops. It had a nice cheesy flavor, but needed more of the sauce to take it up a notch. I like things real saucy. ;)

Cajun Mac & Cheese, Marty's V Burger


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    Mitzie Mee

    Love how you settled the drum stick issue! A quick Nerf gun battle is the answer to any question!

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      Hahah, John has requested that I edit the post to mention that he ended up sharing the 3rd drumstick with me. :P

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