Veselka, East Village

Veselka, East Village, NYC

When Cassie was in town, we visited Veselka for a casual dinner. If I’m remembering correctly, this visit was prompted by a conversation with some Russian friends on Russian vs. Ukrainian food and which was better. They quickly declared Russian food was better, but mentioned that Veselka as a decent, but not that authentic Ukrainian spot in NYC.

For a diner style restaurant, this place seems a bit pricy. The food was okay, and it’s been a while since I’ve visited a Ukrainian restaurant, but I think Veselka could do better. My deluxe vegetarian plate ($14.50) came with a side salad and vegetarian borscht.

Vegetarian Borscht, Veselka, East VillageThere are several types of pierogis to choose from: potato, cheese, meat, spinach & cream cheese, sauerkraut & mushroom, arugula & goat cheese. John got a large plate of seven fried pierogis for $10.95. Comes with sauteed onions, sour cream, and apple sauce.

Pierogi, Veselka, East Village

The deluxe vegetarian plate allowed me to try a little bit of everything. A cheese pierogi, a potato pierogi, a sauerkraut & mushroom pierogi, meatless stuffed cabbage, and kasha with mushroom gravy served with sour cream.

Deluxe Vegetarian Combo Plate, Veselka, East Village

Thank goodness for the side salad (that I didn’t get a photo of) because everything was so beige and brown. The combo plates only come with boiled pierogis. The pierogis were okay, but the stuffed cabbage and mushroom gravy were my favorite part. The kasha wasn’t very exciting, and I would have liked more gravy for it.

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    Mitzie Mee

    I don’t know anything about Russian nor Ukrainian food, but I must say it looks very….beige?

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