Elysian Cafe, Hoboken

Elysian Cafe, HobokenOn our Jersey City-Hoboken-Weehawken walk, we made a brunch pit stop at Elysian Cafe. Elysian Cafe is the oldest continually operated restaurant in Hoboken with a French bistro style menu. I find this place absolutely adorable, and the outdoor seating is very popular during brunch hours. They had decorated the exterior with a few flags for Memorial Day weekend.Brunch Menu, Elysian Cafe, HobokenThe brunch menu was very reasonably priced, and they also offer brunch cocktail specials (around $6, if I’m remembering correctly). There were several cute dogs accompanying their humans for brunch, but sadly, there was nothing on the menu was intended for them. Every time someone accidentally dropped some food, the dogs got really excited.

We started with a couple bellinis, but the peach puree seemed to be lacking slightly. The bubbles were still refreshing though. John ordered the Fromage Omelet ($8.75) with pommes frites on the side. I had a bite of the omelet, and that fontina cheese was yummy, but so rich! I don’t think I could have finished that entire omelet all by myself.
Fromage Omelet, Elysian Cafe, HobokenUnfortunately, there was mix up with my order. I had ordered the Eggs Florentine ($9.75) with Lyonnaise potatoes on the side. The waiter first brought me an omelet with the potatoes, then went back to the kitchen to fix my order. He then came out with Eggs Florentine with fries, as well as a comped cocktail. Since they were already giving me a free cocktail and were incredibly apologetic about the wait, I didn’t want to mention that I actually wanted potatoes, not fries. It’s all good, and the fries were tasty. Eggs Florentine, Elysian Cafe, HobokenI typically judge a restaurant’s brunch based on their Eggs Benedict-type dishes, and Elysian Cafe hit the mark, especially for the price. Lots of spinach, perfectly poached eggs, a nice hollandaise sauce. Perhaps next time I’ll finally try the Lyonnaise potatoes. I’m a carbaholic, and I sure do love my potatoes.

Here’s one more photo of the charming exterior of this building. Elysian Cafe is on the ground floor, and I assume it’s all apartments on the other floors.
Elysian Cafe, Hoboken

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