A Trip to the MOMA, New York City

MOMA, New York CityAfter brunch and a brief excursion around Midtown, Cassie and I decided to duck into the MOMA for the rest of the afternoon. While this is one of my favorite museums, it’s not all that fun to browse the galleries when it’s so crowded. I’ve visited on weekends before, but it’s never like this. It was a bit overwhelming and difficult to fully enjoy the experience at times. We started on the top floor and worked our way down…

Monet’s Water Lilies is always one of my favorite exhibits at the MOMA. Oil on canvas, three giant panels, filling an entire room. The dreamy colors are always so calming.
Claude Monet, Water Lilies, MOMA NYCAs always, I’m easily distracted by anything with bright colors…MOMA, New York City …and I managed to lose Cassie as we were exploring the gallery and dodging people. I thought that Cassie’s hot pink yoga pants would make it easy to spot her in a crowded museum, but turns out there were other people in hot pink pants! I wandered from one colorful painting to the next… MOMA, New York City…before calling Cassie and asking her to meet me at Van Gogh’s The Starry Night. It’s a good meeting spot if you ever lose track of someone at the MOMA.Vincent van Gogh, The Starry Night, MOMA NYCOur poor feet were pretty tired at this point, so we popped into Terrace 5 for a snack. Cassie ordered a bottle of iced coffee, that I, unfortunately, can’t remember the name of. I had a few sips, and it was fantastic. That’s coming from someone who normally does not like/drink coffee. This cafe visit also reignited my love for darjeeling tea. Moma Cafe, Terrace 5, NYCCassie and I shared the Strawberry Rhubarb Pistachio Cake ($9) topped with vanilla crème fraiche and roasted rhubarb. A nice afternoon treat. I liked that it was not too sweet. Strawberry Rhubarb Pistachio Cake - MOMA Terrace 5, NYC


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    Mitzie Mee

    MoMA is such a beautiful spot. Love that place:)

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    Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) – daydreamingtravelideas

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