Terri, Flatiron

Terri - Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch SandwichOn Saturday, I rushed into the city for a haircut and highlights at Medulla first thing in the morning. Lovely balayage highlights and a fresh cut. I’m amazed the colorist got my hair so light! My afternoon was filled with errands and chores, so I had to put my nicely blown out hair into a ponytail. What a shame! I’ll grab pictures next time it’s nicely styled.

On my way home, I stopped by Terri to grab a couple vegan sandwiches to go. Ordered the Bacon Cheddar Chicken Ranch Sandwich ($8.05) for both me and John. So tasty and very filling. I can’t wait to try other items on their menu! So convenient that they’re right by the 23rd St PATH.

Even though Terri is branded as organic and vegetarian, it’s actually vegan and kosher. I saw their certificate on the wall while I was waiting, and I had read somewhere (Yelp, I think) that they branded themselves as vegetarian to appeal to more customers.

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    Delicious Peace of Mind

    Yummy, this looks delicious! What was actually in those sandwiches?

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      Some kind of soy “chicken” and “bacon”, daiya cheese, and a ranch dressing that seemed similar to the cheese.

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